In 2009, a team of British plastic surgeons performed the first eyelash transplant in UK. The micro-surgical procedure was conducted by Transform, the largest cosmetic surgery in UK.

It was the definitive solution for a problem of madarosis (loss of eyelashes) provoked by a trichotillomania disorder (obssesive compulsion of plucking one's hair) for Louise Thomas, a 19 year old teen from Stockport, Greater Manchester, who, after 17 years of suffering that disorder, she didn't have any eyelashes left.

The operation took approximately four hours and was done with local anesthetic. It began by taking a hair graft from the back of the head, dissecting it under a microscope and placing it into tiny incisions in the eyelid, said Transform.

The patient paid a fee of approximately £3,500.-

This procedure is indicated for people who suffer of alopecia, trichotillomania or hair loss due to chemotherapy radiations.

Transplanted eyelashes usually thicken in four to six months after the surgery is done.

Shami Thomas, who carried out the operation, said that the procedure was both, safe and successful.

Actually the eyelash transplant is widely performed in US.


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