In 1971, Maybelline introduced "Great Lash" mascara to the cosmetic market. This product, a water based formula, is still one of the top selling cosmetic product in the world. Water based mascaras, contrary to the solvent based mascaras, do not cause eye irritation, only in rare cases. On the other hand, solvent based mascaras, with compounds like petroleum distillates, pigments, and waxes, are more difficult to use and are waterproof.


In 1988 Max Factor launched its "No Color Mascara", making the eyelashes look thicker and glossy, but without coloring them.

In 2002, an international survey reported that more than 60% of women in the world were using mascara, and this product is actually 50% of the total amount of cosmetic sales in the world.

On 2009, the eye cosmetic market continued to growth despite the global recession. Companies like L'Oreal reported a jump of a 15% in their sales.

As of 2009, the mascara market was valuated in $ 4.1 billions globally.

Another important part of the eye cosmetic market is the sales and application of false lashes. Actually a new system, called eyelash extensions is growing every day, sharing increasingly a good portion of that market.


THE 1960s EYES

In the 1960s eye makeup was overcharged and sometimes exaggerated. The same tendency continued to the next decade. The eye cosmetic companies found, at the time, an excellent market to sell all kind of eyelashe makeup. And they encouraged it, indeed.

In 1961, Revlon launched its first colored mascara: Brush On Mascara. And women started to smear their eyelashes with dark green, violet and indigo colors. Also they used contrasting colors of eye shadow and eyeliner.

Artificial lashes were in all fashion: made with human hair or synthetic materials, they were requested by women in every beauty salon, and applied in clusters of lashes or individually, both were glued to the lashline, on the eyelids. Consumers didn't care how fake they looked. It was the fashion.


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